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Roll up your favorite pictures into one special Lenticular Photo Flip

Fetch your photos from your phone or shoe box and showcase them in a magical way

Showcase a Custom Lenticular Photo in one of our beautiful picture frames. Lenticular Flip Photos are a magical way to see your photos transition from one to another as you walk by. We use your photos to create this amazing image transition effect. And what better to show it off than in a unique picture frame. 

A FLOTO is our custom made Lenticular Photo Flip picture. Your images will transition as you turn or walk by. It’s not just a flip or a photo, it’s a FLOTO

Capturing special moments and remembering those we love is a core reason we embarked on our Lenticular Printing journey. Many special moments are stored away in phones and boxes. It’s time to get these out front and center and what better way than to combine them into one unique lenticular flip photo.  Showcase your new FLOTO on your desk or table ine one of our unique photo frames. These photos are sure to catch the eye and warm your heart with fond memories. 

All of our lenticular products are custom made in the USA.

There are so many beautiful, sentimental, and fun ideas for your flip photo. 

Still unsure what type of pictures to use?  Here are a few samples to help get your juices flowing. 

  • Wedding to Anniversary 
  • Wedding photos
  • Memorials
  • Retirement 
  • Family photos
  • Vacation photos
  • Graduation
  • Holiday photos 
  • Mask to no mask
  • Young to old
  • Pets
  • Smiles to goofy

Choose pictures you love! Typically with image transition lenticulars, less is best. The more pictures used in a custom lenticular flip, the better chances of ghosting between the flips. Two picture flips are optimum.

Ghosting is where images ‘bleed’ through to another image when viewed at certain angles. This can also occur with contrasting backgrounds. In these cases, we may alter the photo colors slightly to reduce the contrast.  

If you have questions about how well your images will work, feel free to reach out to us at

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