Face Shield - Protective

Product Highlights

Designed by 3DReactions to meet the needs of our community

  • Comfortable - for all day use
  • Durable - made from semi-rigid polyurethane plastic
  • Cleanable - easy cleaning and sanitizing
  • Adjustable - strap is adjustable for perfect fit
  • Clear Sheet - 12" clear PETG .2mm face sheet
  • Color Options - Choose from 9 colors
  • Ships Next Day!

Made In USA 

Some Assembly Required - See Instructions Here


Additional Product Details

Our very comfortable Face Shield with a crystal clear PETG sheet is molded out of Polyurethane plastic and hugs your face for a perfect fit. Comes with an adjustable elastic strap to make it easy to adjust for any head size. Clear plastic sheeting snaps on in seconds and can be cleaned or replaced in seconds. The clear plastic sheeting is 12 inches wide to wrap around the side of your face and extends 8 inches to down just below the chin. The polyurethane plastic is very tough and semi-rigid to make a secure fit around your head so our shield does not slip as you move throughout your day. 

We designed this mask to be very comfortable for all day use in a variety of environments. We ship next day and are limiting production to consumers to 10 per day currently. Some assembly is required to snap on the face shield, assembly takes seconds. The clear plastic sheeting has a protective white covering on both sides that we leave on when we ship, that is easily peeled off. We ship your shield in a large bubble wrap envelop and shipping costs are included in the price. 

Note that the color in the picture is red, but we offer a variety of color. Pick you color during checkout.

We take all precautions while making our face shields, our staff wear protective masks and shields. And before we ship all components are sanitized. 

Note: This is not an approved medical device and we are not a healthcare company. Use of this shield does not ensure full protection for medical purposes and we are not liable for its use.

1. Unboxing 2. Remove Protective Cover 3. Snap On Clear PETG Sheet 4. Bottom Piece

Assembly is very simple and is completed in seconds. Basic steps are below or see the tutorial pictures in the slideshow above:


  1. Remove parts from package
  2. Remove the protective cover from the clear PETG sheet
  3. Attached clear plastic PETG sheet to head band using precut holes
  4. Attach the bottom support piece (orange in picture)

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