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Custom Lenticular Printing -
3D Photo

Want To Put Some 3D Into Your Picture?

Lenticular 3D Photo - Product Details

3D Effect Photos (aka Lenticular Pictures) are unique gifts and breathe new life into your old photos. We create your very own personalized 3D effect picture using your photo.

  • Amazing 3D Effect from your photo
  • Upload the photo of your choice - High resolution photos are best (see our tips at bottom of page)
  • Photo cleanup - Our difference is we will clean up small imperfections (flash, red eye) of your photo
  • Easy Ordering - Upload your photo on our checkout page
  • Personal Touch - We will contact you with updates during the process to make sure you're happy with our results, no worries
  • Our Guarantee is that you will love it or we will refund your money. Very rare for custom products
  • Reduced Price for duplicates - Don't get just one! Get a couple and give them out as gifts
  • Available in 5x7, 8x10 and 11x14 sizes


Additional Product Details

We use lenticular technology to create layers from your photo, then we apply a special lenticular lens to create the illusion of 3D. Some people refer to them as holographic pictures because the image appears to float holographically in the picture. The entire 3D lenticular printing process takes a only few days.  It makes for a cool photo idea to showcase one of your favorite photos of family, pets, weddings, etc. 

Ordering is fast and easy! Just upload your photo during checkout or email it to us after you order. In a few days we will send your personalized 3D effect picture.

Now you can get a duplicate 3D effect picture at a reduced price. Just select quantity 2 for your size when adding to your cart.

We Do Amazing Work! But Don't Take Our Word For It. See Our Customer Reviews

Touch Up those Wedding Photos with some 3D

Convert your old wedding photos to 3D or touch up an anniversary photo. There are so many great ideas for Lenticular photos!

Make Those Family Memories Even More Magical!

When you call or visit us, ask about adding new features to your photos.

Personalize your photos in a unique way! We incorporate additional images into your photos. Want to add some magical creatures to your photos? Need to take someone out or add someone in? We can do that for you!

How to Order

  1. Pick your size and the how many duplicates that you want in the selection boxes above
  2. After you click "Add To Cart" click Checkout 
  3. Enter your order information and at the bottom of the Checkout page upload your photo in the section labeled "Your Image(s) - Upload Images Here"
  4. Please tell us in the "Order Requests"  section if you have any special requests
  5. Complete your Billing And Shipping information and pay online with your Credit Card or Paypal

* Please note if you have any problems uploading your photos, just email them to us after you place your order at 3dreactions@jodaent.com

Tips on Selecting Your Photos for 3D Effect

  • Send us the highest quality photos that you can, particularly if you want 11x14 inch flip. The better the quality the original photos the better the result.
  • Pick a photo with natural depth for best effect, for instance people in the foreground and a far off (more than a 10 feet) background. For instance pictures in front of mountains or the grand canyon. However almost any photo can be made 3D 

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