Lenticular Flip Ornament

Lenticular Ornament Product Details

Roll up your favorite pictures into one amazing ornament! Our Custom Lenticular Flip Ornaments transition between 2 to 3 of your photos in a single Christmas ornament. As you tilt or walk by your ornament you will see your image change smoothly from one to the next. Makes an awesome gift for yourself or loved one. Free ground shipping to all US locations!

Item description:

  • Ornaments are 3D printed in an Oval or Bell shape and includes ribbon to hang
  • Oval shape is approx 4.5" x 3.5", Bell shape is approx 4.5" x 4".
  • Several colors to choose from 
  • You supply us with 2 or 3 of your favorite photos and we combine them to create a 2 x 3 lenticular flip that fits into the ornament. 
  • Close up pictures recommended for best results

Dig out those photos sitting on your phone! Some great photo ideas include wedding/anniversary, engagement, children, smiles to goofy, then and now, transition from one pet to another, remembrance, themed holiday photos. Let your ideas fly.


Ordering details

  1. Select the color, number of pictures you want for your flip, and shape
  2. Upload your photos during checkout in the section labeled 'Your Image(s) - Upload Images Here' or email them to 3dreactions@jodaent.com after you place your order. 
  3. Please tell us in the "Order Requests" section if you have a preference as to which image should display when facing your Lenticular Flip straight on. Or other details you would like to pass on to us. 
  4. Verify your order and preferred Shipping method. Free ground shipping to all US locations!
  5. The Oval Ornament can accept portrait or landscape photos and will hang from the ribbon accordingly. The Bell Ornament can accept portrait photos. 

Examples Of Our Lenticular Flip Ornaments

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