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3D People Scans


3D Scans are done in our store and are fun, quick, and painless. The scanning process involves standing in the center of our scanning rig for 2-3 seconds where we snap 70 photographs simultaneously. In addition to individual adults we now offer scans of small groups (3-4 people), small children, and pets. Our scanning process allows us preserve you in stunning detail forever!

Purchase online and then call us at 610-438-1432 or email us at 3dreactions@jodaent.com to make an appointment!

Use Our Avatar Viewer Below to see one of our 3D People Scans

Avatar Viewer - 2.3

How It Works

So how do we pull of this magic trick? Please watch our YouTube video for a great visual on how we take a group of snapshots and turn them into a fully animated avatar in Augmented Reality.  From the customer's point of view it only takes a few seconds. You stand in our 3D Scanning Rig for 2-3 seconds where we snap 70 photos of you. That's it. You can also take a few friends in with you to get a 3D Model as a group or even bring your pet. Check out the video at the next stop on this page.

MEandU2 App

View your scan in Augmented Reality with our MEandU2 App, get a 3D Figurine, or 3D Photo. Choose between animated and non-animated scans.

See more information on the MEandU2 App here

Note that our App is currently only available for Android 7.0+ and Augmented Reality requires a phone running Googles ARCore app. Google ARCore can be downloaded from the Google Play Store.  An iPhone version will be coming soon

Can You Scan A Small Item?

  Yes we can! That is the short answer.

However, like many things, it can be complicated. For scanning a small part we have 3 methods we can use to scan them. We can use photogrammetry like we do for people, a Kinect Sensor which uses IR shadow (basically) , or a small laser scanner which is usually the most effective.

Most small objects scan best if they are not shiny, and it they do not have a lot of holes, gaps, and overlaps. So for instance a bottle shape will scan very well where a something like a small battleship will not. Small scanners are not very good at picking up the nooks and crannies of small areas. If you have a questions on your object please contact us (preferably with a picture of what you want to scan) and we will get back to you lickety-split.

3D Laser Scanned Yoda Head 

Avatar Viewer - 2.3