It’s spring time here on the east coast and it was time for some spring cleaning around here. We have given both our store and our website a much needed face lift. We have been very busy the last few years creating custom products, working with customers on 3D Design, creating proprietary 3D Scanning equipment, Android Apps, hosting schools and clubs, creating many many customer lenticulars, building new printers and so much more. Wheww, we are a busy group, and in the process we let the website get a little, well, dated. Maybe even more than a little dated.

 For the last few months we have been updating our website to add some much needed features. I wont bore you with many of the technical details of updating our site and the many new backend features we have. But I did just want to point out some important things for our customers. They include:

  • The ability to upload mulitple photos during checkout for things like flips. Before our customers would need to email photo if they had more than one.
  • We added a much improved checkout process. The checkout process is just a couple of pages now and can be done very quickly
  • We have added a faster and easier credit card process
  • We have added PayPal as a payment option
  • Or Lenticular Art work can now be searched using keywords that we create on the backend to improve finding subject matter they are looking for. 
  • Our Avatar Viewer is much improved and now is tied to what we call a Concrete5 Block and uses the awesome threejs sdk allowing us to add it quickly to any page on our site. At some point I may write a technical review of how we did this. It will allow us to promote our products in 3D as well as display customer avatars.
  • Newly updated logo that we think looks much better and highlights our company colors
  • Much much more

An unfortunate side effect of this is we have made many changes to our backend API causing some problems with our MEandU2 Android app. These issues will be fixed very soon. This affects a very small subset of our user base.

We hope you like the new site! We are always interested in hearing what our customers think so feel free to email us with your comments!

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