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Desk Shield - Protective

Protective Desk Shield Product Details

Designed by 3DReactions to meet the needs of our community.

Our freestanding Shield makes a great addition to your desk or counter top for added protection. The sleek curved design sits 24"H x 21 3/4"L when assembled. The clear PETG plastic can be cleaned and is shipped with a film on both sides to be removed when ready for use.  The base is 3D Printed with durable PETG filament. 

Our Desk Shield/Sneeze Guard ships in a square tube and is easy to assemble. It comes complete with 3M Command strips to secure firmly to your desk or counter top. 

Package Includes

  • Clear Plastic Sheet - .03" clear plastic PETG sheet. 24"H x 24"L
  • 3D Printed PETG base parts (3) and top caps (3)
  • Three 3M Command strips
  • Two zip ties


Shipping Options

We offer FREE Shipping to all U.S locations for this product which is 6-7 day shipping. If you need your Desk Shield sooner because you just can't wait for our the awesomness, then please select priority shipping as an option during checkout.

Please contact us if your from Canada about shipping options!

Made In USA 



Product Assembly Instructions

1 - Unboxing 2 - Connect 3D Printed Parts 3 - Slide the Clear PETG Sheet into groove 4 - Remove Protective Backing 5 - Attach Top Pieces 6 - Attach Zip Ties 7 - Attach Command Strips 8 - You Are Done


  1. Unboxing - Remove all parts from package - Parts included for each Desk Shield: One PETG Sheet,  3D Printed curved base pieces (3), middle top cap (1), corner top caps (2),  3M Command Strips (3),  and 2 Zip Ties.

  2. Attach the three 3D Printed base pieces together 

  3. Slide the clear plastic PETG sheet into the grooves of the curved base. Push down firmly, you may turn the shield over on its side and press firmly on the bottom of the printed pieces to push them in.

  4. Remove the remaining protective cover from the clear PETG sheet

  5. Attach the top and corner caps to the PETG sheet

  6. Attach the zip ties  through the PETG plastic and base, pull tight, cut the excess with scissors. 

  7. Attach the 3M Command strips securely to your desk or countertop. Remove the red liner and press adhesive underneath each side of the base and middle.  Remove black liner and press to desk or countertop and hold for 10 seconds. 


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