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  3DReactions® is a 3D printing and scanning company located in Historic DowntownEaston, Pennsylvania, at 522 Northampton St. We do 3D scanning of people and objects at our store location. We can do a full body scan of you in under 2-3 seconds. The result is a 3D image (your avatar). It can then be uploaded to your  Android or iOS mobile device using our free mobile app, MEandU®. Unlike an old fashioned 2D photo, you can view your uploaded avatar from any angle. You can rotate it on any axis, move it, or make it bigger or smaller. And see your Avatar in full Augmented Reality, even play a game with our Avatar as a video game character!


 3DReactions® can also provide a 3D print of your avatar or any scanned object. This physical representation of avatar can be created in a number of sizes, configurations, materials, and colors including full color prints. The possibilities are virtually endless ranging from putting your head on a keychain, creating a bust, or a head-to-toe figurine. You can even design your own stick figure right in our store. We can then paste your face onto your stick figure and print it. This is a creative way to introduce your kids to 3D printing.


3DReactions® provides 3D printing and design services to fit a number of needs. We can print any object that you can find on the web on sites such as thingiverse, yeggi, or others. We also can provide design services if you need something created to fit your needs. The applications here range from simple trinkets, broken parts you’d like replaced, manufacturing, entertainment, the possibilities are truly endless. If you can think of it we can build it.

3DReactions® is locally owned business and is a member of the Lehigh Valley Chamber of Commerce. Much of the technology was developed in house by our team right here in the Lehigh Valley. We are laser focused on providing quality products and services where customer satisfaction is always number one. 3DReactions® is a reputable company built on integrity, trust, and good citizenship. VIsit us today at 3DReactions® in the Historic Downtown Easton or on our website  www.3dreactions.com . You can also find us on Facebook (www.facebook.com/3dreactions) or Instagram (www.instagram.com/3dreactions).