Lenticular Morphing Photo


Our Lenticular Morphing Photos take two pictures and create a morph effect where one transitions to another. In our sample image you can see some famous actresses morphing into each other. Many great ideas for morph pictures such as siblings, parent/child, person/pet.

  • Upload your two photos during the checkout process or email them to us at 3dreactions@jodaent.com.
  • High resolution photos are best
  • Free ground shipping to all US locations!

Additional information

Additional Product Information


Our Lenticular Morphing Photos are an astonishing application of lenticular technology. It allows us to take two of your pictures and create a morph effect where one transitions to another. There are so many neat applications for this technology but for our demonstration we made a face morph. A unique gift and keepsake. 

If you know someone who looks like their pet, consider surprising them with a lenticular morph. Send us their pet and owner picture and we’ll create a lenticular photo that will magically morph from one to another as you turn it or walk by.




Reduced pricing for duplicate copies ordered!

  • Economical for gift giving to share with family and friends!

Photo Tips

Here are some tips for the best results for your Custom Lenticular Morph Picture

  • Let us know if you have a preferred primary picture that will be more visible when viewing straight on.
  • Pick pictures of equal orientation if you can, that is all Landscape or all Portrait. If we receive a mix, we will crop photos to the most appropriate orientation.
  • Select close up photos for best results. We may zoom in on pictures as appropriate for best results
  • Send us the highest quality photos that you can
  • Some pictures with strong contrast between them, eg. areas like white on one that match against black on the other may create a slight ghosting effect when flipping between images. We may alter the photo’s colors slightly to reduce the contrast.

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